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  1. Not to mention this is the 3rd time an MBAM update caused issues ( raising CPU usage to 90%, BSOD and now this). Granted, the other 2 issues were resolved rather quickly.
  2. my pc just froze twice today and just decided to come here to check if this was a problem caused by MBAM. Seems like i was right. Has the issue been resolved yet?
  3. Ok, I was suspecting that might be the case. Thanks for the answer, and lets hope such problem never happens again, it sure scared the hell out of me thinking that my PC was about to die at any moment.
  4. Should I run some sort of test to see if this update that was released on last saturday cause any loss of integral files on my PC? Ive read on the main stick concerning this that it might cause loss of files in the HDD, but I wanna hear it from the developers themselves. I also ask because after some restarts (prior to the solution being published) my hard drive got 20gb of extra free space, but I dont know if that just was temporary files and whatnot (also not the first time my hdd frees up some space, usualy after a windows update, so that why im dubious)
  5. Just tried and this time I get the MBAM popup telling something was blocked, and the browser saying it was blocked too but this one was already appearing. So basically, even without the popup appearing, the browser saying MBAM blocked the URL is proof enough that everything is working?
  6. Since an AVG update a few days ago, it keeps conflicing with MBAM constantly. I did check this thread and followed the advice to check "never register in windows media center". Now both programs dont conflict with eachother, but I cant tell for sure if MBAM is active. I did download mbam-test.exe, and when I clicked on the "exploit" button It didnt open the calculator, BUT no MBAM popup showed up telling me it was blocked. Is MBAM still working even tough the notifications dont appear?
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