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  1. Yeah I'm using version I restored a previous version of the folder and it reappeared. I think I should be good now. Thanks!
  2. Yeah not sure I can do that. I'm running Windows 7 and the last update forces my computer to freeze and reboot. My computer guy said that as ling as I don't update, that I should be able to run everything fine. So should I just try to run without?
  3. So I deleted the file... Can I add it back in from the earlier posts in the forum? Went into full panic mode because I had my bank account hacked after an attack before I got Malware Bytes.
  4. Same file on my machine - one was labeled "Process Module" and the other is just called "File". Glad to know I'm not alone.
  5. I'm having this problem right now. Malware Bytes located the Trojan.Crypt and quarantined. I deleted but during a subsequent scan. It blocked it again. Is my computer really messed up? I didn't notice any trouble when I ran a scan yesterday. Suddenly, today without much internet use, it found this file in my NVIDIA files.
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