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  1. Hello! I was just why this website was blocked. I was browsing on Ebay and when I clicked on this one item, Malwarebytes popped up saying it was blocking an outbound connection to a website because of Fraud. The domain was listed as "ocsp.usertrust.com & the IP was I was wondering why it's blocked and do I need to take any further action since it was blocked? I've attached the report below for reference. Thank you & I hope to hear from a staff member/expert soon! blocked.txt
  2. Okay, thank you! I don't think I have anymore questions, and my mbam & windows defender aren't detecting anything, so off to bed for a bit. I'll let you guys know if anything funky starts happening again lol!
  3. Could it be that the site(s) shared an IP address that was the same as/similar to a malicious domain? I've read previous posts where that sort of thing happened so Mbam blocked Steam. Also, sorry if I'm asking too many things, I get anxiety about viruses & malware.
  4. Am I okay then? The domains that were blocked aren't being blacklisted on virus total anymore, my mbam isn't blocking them anymore, and my most recent scan didn't come back with anything. Any idea about what happened? It just seems odd given how it was blocking something related to my game client Steam; it's never done that before. Scan.txt
  5. I noticed that these reports were generated while the update package was on 1.0.10164. My Malwarebytes has updated to package 1.0.10180 & it hasn't blocked the steam store since updating; maybe it's already resolved?
  6. I think this is a funny one, but my Malwarebytes is reporting Steam's webstore ("media4.steampowered .com" & "steamstore-a .akamaihd .net"; used spaces so I'm not linking.) as fraudulent websites. I'm fairly certain this is a false positive, but as always it's better to be safe rather than sorry. I've attached screenshots and logs below. Can I get a staff member/engineer to confirm or deny please? Thank you! Steam Fraud Website Warning.txt Steam Website Fraud Warning 2.txt
  7. I received the same threat as well on two separate computers at the same time, one for gaming and one for work. I called a friend (Who also had Malwarebytes and Nvidia Experience) asking him to run a scan; he received the same threat. Looking like a false positive, but would like to hear from a staff member to be safe.
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