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  1. Received an Upgrade New MWB Premium notification. Clicked and installed. PC restarted 3 times and finally got a failure to install notification . Messed up my system . Had to do a system restore. I pay for and have Premium (4.0.4) already but I thought this was more like an Update of the program.. MWB did not leave a restore point so I had to go back to last one, which fortunately was yesterday. If I get this Notification again what should I do ?
  2. This issue was only in Firefox. Internet Explorer did not have any problems. Leads me to believe that the problem was embedded in Firefox. I decided to uninstall and reinstall Firefox. That appears to have taken care of the issue (so far so good). If it comes back I'll try the Farbar program. Thank you.
  3. Open Firefox is ok but as soon as I click anywhere on that browser this pops up as a new tab. (Screen shot attached). Cleared cookies. Ran Malwarebytes and Avast scans, zero issues.
  4. I tried to turn the notifications back on by dragging last night. I closed the interface and reopened and it was back off again. Retried with click instead of drag and it stayed on. Bravo! Thanks for the info. Maybe you guys can change it to a circle instead of a switched.
  5. I am fairly certain I dragged it. Why? Is one better than the other
  6. Resolved the Issue. Settings,click on Install Application Updates. Now I can Turn Off notifications in Windows System Tray.
  7. I have not yet done any System Restores.Not sure what you mean by rollbacks. I am the sole user and administrator. As an experiment I turned off BOTH real time protection and windows system tray. When I reopened, real time protection was still turned off but system tray was turned back on. So I'm thinking I must be administrator if it is letting me turn off real time protection, but I do not know what else I can do to keep system tray notifications turned off. Should I reinstall ?? I am W10/1809 ( OS Build 17763.292) . Malwaebytes version,component package1.0.508,update
  8. thanks for the tip on 18323. I have an earlier version. I have been attempting to stall my updates using metered connection settings. Giving MS a chance to correct their errors before they download large updates. To early to tell if it is working.
  9. Actually I reverted back to older version which worked rather well but I was having Windows Update problems and had corrupted files I could not fix.I decided to go to W10. That was a week ago. I just put this out as an FYI if anyone wanted to try for a free upgrade at this late date.
  10. FYI Gang, In order to resolve this problem (freezes on Windows 7), I decided to bite the bullet and "upgrade" to W10. In less than 1 year W7 life-cycle will be over. (I did a clean install of W10 version 1809). I bought the W7 disc with Key 5 or 6 years ago. I dusted it off and used the key to activate W10. Apparently the free upgrade is still allowed if you have your W7 Key. No more freeze. Now all I have to do is Tweak windows 10 to my satisfaction. It is quite the adventure !!
  11. OK. I opened settings and switched "OFF" Windows System Tray Notifications, Restarted PC . Opened settings and switch has gone back to "ON" position. It sort of feels like there should Be a "SAVE" button when you make changes in the settings, but alas there is none.
  12. There are a couple of sites I use to get information and I like to leave those windows open. During the time they are open I get Malwaebytes pop up notification that the is MALVERTISING. Firstly I must say bravo to Malwaebytes. I can continue to use the sites with Malwaebytes protecting my system. Problem is that when I am using other programs the pop up Notifications become distracting. I have gone to settings and turned the notifications Switch to OFF. Problem is that when I close Malwaebytes panel I still get the pop ups and when I reopen the Malwaebytes panel the switch that I turned
  13. arbrich , I ran the process you outlined. Let me get it right here. I should leave the CMD window open and active. If so the file could be gigantic if there is no freeze for a couple of days. This is OK ??
  14. FYI. I did not and will not Install the MS Roll-up . Nevertheless, I have had the freezing issue since mid December. The freeze issue is very insidious. I have gone as long as a week without it and I have had it happen 5 times in a day and everything in between. My present strategy is to use Malwarebytes only when I am on the internet or when I do a Scan. All other time I quit Malwarebytes (right click and choose Quit Malwarebytes ). So far this has resulted in 1 or 2 freezes per day and sometimes none.
  15. I was wondering if the freezes might have to do with W7 Operating System Updates or lack thereof. The last one I had installed is: 2018-10 Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3177467). Windows Update main page says "windows is UP To Date" I have my update settings as "Download Updates but let me choose whether to install them."I just did a manual check for updates and it still says I am up to date. I have no hidden updates. I have no W7 OS updates for Nov or Dec. Is it possible that something got broken in my update system ? Has anyone receive
  16. I have Avast not MSE and I have been getting the hard freezes since mid December. I uninstalled MWB for 3 days , no freezes. I reinstalled MWB this morning. One freeze so far. At this point I am "Quitting" (turning off) MWB when I am not using the Internet. I turn it back on when I go On the internet.
  17. I hear you. I went as long as a week with no lock ups then it happened 4 or 5 times in an hour. I finally uninstalled MWB 3 days ago. Have had no lock up since.No more hard resets, I also tried many things before I realized it was MWB. The service offers great protection but all the troublesome issues are frustrating. As a remember there was an issue a few months back where all 16GB of RAM kept filling to Max. I found out, after much troubleshooting that is was MWB. which they corrected with an update. I hope they crack this one soon.
  18. I cannot help with the attempts to duplicate the problem . I cannot afford the downtime. What I can do is list my system hardware and main programs to provide info for common conflicts: Windows 7 Home Premium/64 Corsair CX750M Power Supply Intel I7-4771 LGA1150 CPU Memory 16gb Gskill F-31600c9D-16XMR Gigabyte GA-Z97x-UD5H Mother Board (Revision 1.0) Fractal Design Define R4 with Window Black Pearl Case 3 Case Fans F&R Powered Directly by PSU Sata Port 0 - Samsung SSD 850 Pro 256GB (operating system SSD) (6GBS)- Sata Port 1 - Exterior Slot for 2 1/2" HDD or SSD
  19. I had other problems after using Support Tool and I uninstalled from safe mode was the only way I could do it.
  20. There is no BSOD. Just what amounts to a screenshot just before the freeze. No mouse,no keyboard,no ctrl/alt/del. Then only choice is hard reboot.
  21. I cannot participate in log sharing as I have uninstalled MWB . My PC was useless with it. Sorry.
  22. How do you account for all the unreported who think there is "something wrong with their PC" ?
  23. FYI As near as I can tell this freezing issue has been affecting my W7 machine for the past 2 or 3 weeks. In all that time my W10 machine (which has MWB installed) has not been affected.
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