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  1. Thanks, that is what I thought, but site does not make it clear.
  2. What is the difference between the Home Premium version and the Business Teams version? Is it just that the Teams / Business has included support?
  3. One of my endpoints prompted install a new version of the client. I like the new version’s “Start threat scan” which is similar to the standalone MalwareBytes and shows you what its doing. BUT none of my other endpoints seems to be picking up the new version. Is there somewhere to push it out in the cloud platform?
  4. OK, 60 seconds seems to have done the trick. I'll watch it for the next few reboots. PS: had removed everything except the MEP product before installing it.
  5. I'm testing the Endpoint Protection product. On a Windows 10 system I'm finding that when the system reboots, the "Malwarebytes Cloud Endpoint Agent Service" does not start. It's set for "Automatic" but I've had to go manually start it several times. The "Malwarebytes Service" seems to be OK. The "settings \ endpoint protection \ startup options" in the default policy I'm using have not been changed yet. Looking for some guidance.
  6. I'm testing on several workstations: Win XP, Win 7, and Win 10. All three blocked going to iptest.malwarebytes.org, and it gets reported in the cloud interface. The zipped tools thru me off a little. At first I was just getting a Windows error trying to extract. But that was because of the password. I was then able to extract using WinZip and that password you mentioned. After extracting, running the test-trojan and test-pup resulted in them being closed and quarantined. mbae-test was closed when clicking the exploit button. So, that's what I wanted. Something to prove the
  7. I'm talking about the new cloud based Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection system. But I believe it's based on the standalone MBAM 3.x engine(s), so what you discuss probably applies. OK, so is there a way to test EP?
  8. I'm testing a trial copy of Endpoint Protection. I've turned on EP in the default policy I'm using. Then I downloaded the Eicar test virus. On my Win 10 box Windows Defender trapped it. But on my test Win XP and Win 7 I was able to download, save it, run it. EP does not appear to notice. Nothing shows up in the cloud dashboard even when I tell it to run a scan on those workstations that have the Eicar.com file saved on the drive. What might I be doing wrong?
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