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  1. Hi Nathan, Do you know of which elevated priveledges you are referring to? I would like to make changes to prevent AdClear from being flagged by Malwarebytes. Keyvan
  2. I am Director of Operations for SEVEN Networks. We have seen this error occur when users download AdClear from http://www.seven.com
  3. Nathan, Also - This issue was replicated from an official release version of AdClear from seven.com. The warning appeared after multiple scans of the device, with the first scans not reporting any issues.
  4. Hi, Nathan, This is what we are seeing: States - Possible Ransonware Detected! Is there a way that Malwarebytes could not show this message? Regards, Keyvan
  5. Can you remove com.seven.adclear for Android from being detected as malware?
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