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  1. First thing did is uninstallation of unwanted default apps. But could not uninstall few in name App World, Games for which require root access. Finding option for it.
  2. No apk or file found with avg or malware bytes scan. No apps in app list to uninstall. Only could see the such file status in android downloads log. Took less than minute it got direct installed while through Firefox browser. The immediate problem notice unaccounted 1gb occupied internal memory, the actual issue.
  3. This brand new Lava x50 4G marshmallow 6.0 phone India. Just installed AVG antivirus and few small apps only from play store. While installing few ad blocker add-ons in Firefox 5.6 0 browser to stop ad flows, had a popup that start installing a quick patch named RozBuzz in a separate download window and could not stop or pause it. Now prob start here as everytime open ffox, opens a additional junk tab. Added, occupied around 1 GB space in internal memory. There is only 2gb files but show 3.15gb occupied memory. Tried clearing ffox cache and fresh ffox install, not solved. No malicious app in a
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