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  1. I reran it again. I renamed the files to *oct 8. for today and to * Oct 5 to the previous run. Addition Oct 8.txt AdditionOct 5.txt FRST Oct 8.txt FRST oct5.txt Shortcut Oct 8.txt
  2. Thank you. I booted into safe mode. I was then able to run MalwareBytes, AdwCleaner, Mbar-, I still received the alert. The MalwareBytes forum suggested Hitman pro. I ran that under safe mode. It identified 2 things, but crashed at the step where it would write the log. To be sure the malware was gone, I rebooted in normal mode and ran Hitman again. It only found cookies this time.. Many of the names started with "ad" so I deleted all cookies. It has been a few hours, the alert has not happened yet.
  3. Thank you. I started windows in safe mode. I was able to browse to the FRST link and down load it. I ran it as administrator. It produced the attached logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. I tried entering a support ticket but I am not sure it went in. I also tried the "employee" login, but I am retired and using the HOME version.
  5. I keep receiving messages from Malwarebytes that outgoing data to n65adserv.com has be blocked. this forum has suggested using mbar- when I run it as administrator, it first asks if I want to allow it to make changes. Then there is a brief popup that looks like it is asking for a location. That disappears so fast it is hard to say what is happening. Elsewhere in this forum there have been suggestions to use (spelling?) Farbar removal tool. When I click on the link to download that the browser disappears. I tried Foxfire, Google Chrome, and internet explorer. I have scanned with Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, Windows defender, and msert. What additional info does malwarebytes support need in order to help me.
  6. I restarted my system. I was then able to get MalwareBytes to run. AdwCleaner still blinked on and quit to the desktop. I restarted again. Was able to run AdwCleaner. But attempt to download FRST from the link on this just blinked the page and quit to desktop. I restarted again. But attempt to download FRST from the link on this just blinked the page and quit to desktop.
  7. I have a 64 bit quad processor. 16 GB RAM. Windows 10 Home. fully updated. I get a pop-up that says n65adserver.com has been blocked. So I tried to open MalwareBytes to do a scan. It would not open. I removed it via Control Panel. Downloaded it again and installed it again. I right-click the desktop icon, click <run as administrator>. There is a blink blink and return to the desktop. I then went to the right side of the taskbar, Clicked <show hidden icons>. Right clicked the Malwarebytes icon. It has a note that there has not been a scan. I clicked <open MalwareBaytes. It just blinked and returned to the desktop. I tried to run AdwCleaner. Same result, blink and return to desktop. Help on this forum said to download FRST. When I tried, just a blink and return to the desktop. I downloaded and ran mb-check. The results are attached. mb-check-results.zip
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