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  1. Sorry I have been busy myself. Yes, I found a good Ad and Script Blocker for Chrome and it seems to have resolved issues. I was just curious if there was still a potential malware/trojan, etc still on my system?
  2. OK, I have gone and looked up and installed a script blocker and Ad blocker, so far I see them protecting me, however I want to get to the source of what is causing this. Suggestions?
  3. I also am slightly confused when you say an Adblocker or script blocker, do you have a suggestion on what to use specifically?
  4. Hi, sorry for the delayed response. I tried everything you mentioned, and I am still getting browser re-directs, although I notice it happening mostly on Yahoo.com's Fantasy Football site. I also have installed Norton products into my browser to try to have an extra level of protection, but I noticed I have the same problem regardless of weather or not those extensions are on. Otherwise, I have no additional extensions currently activated. Here are a few event logs from recent intrusion attempts that were caught by MB. Event.txt Event 1.txt Event 2.txt Event 3.txt
  5. Here is one of the events from this morning, there were 3, all the same. Event.txt
  6. Well I did this, and it seemed to work, however this morning I had a browser type hijack where the website changed off my Yahoo sports page and an intrusion was blocked by MB. What steps should I take at this point since I did the browser resets? FYI, I did resets on both IE and Chrome, and I do not have Firefox/Waterfox.
  7. OK, ran TDSSKiller, got an infection. Here are the log files attached. i wasn't sure if you needed both or not. Advise... TDSSKiller. TDSSKiller.
  8. Just checked MB and yes, still having outgoing messages blocked. Same IP config as before.
  9. Mixed results. I still feel like there is something taking over svchost.exe At times it runs fine, but other times mundane tasks take forever but for only a few seconds, then everything works fine again. Problem is this, I ran ADWCleaner 4 times last night, each time coming up with a result of either PUP.optional.Amazonbrowserbar or PUP.optional.legacy coming up. AFter the 5th time last night, i got a clean scan from ADW Cleaner, but today i cam up with both results at different times. Advise??
  10. Ok, here are the documents as requested. Sorry it took me a few days, been busy. Export Summary.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. I understand life emergencies, thank you for replying. Yes I still need help.
  12. I have been getting svchost.exe being blocked by MB for about a week or so, was on vacation so did not have time to deal with until now. Attached are the files from the scans as per the instructions. Please advise, my last go around in the forums nobody responded. MB Scan.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt New Blocked.txt Protection Event.txt Blocked 1.txt Blocked 2.txt
  13. I posted the requested documents, are you guys going to reply??
  14. Also, this was caught on 9/15 in Quarantine, here is a screenshot: https://gyazo.com/5ff40df48bd8ee387313d11cbbf53d28
  15. Here are four of them, a few have different ip/domain's. Blocked.txt Blocked 1.txt New Blocked.txt Blocked 2.txt
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