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  1. It appears that the exe file for devildaggers is considered malware. Pretty sure this isn't a harmful file, bur rather my PC actually thinking this game is the spawn of the devil. Too bad it wasn't on Doki Doki, Undertale or Pony Island. Anyway, the logs and file itself are attached below. You tell me if it's a false-positive. dd.zip False_positive_MB.txt
  2. I'll be giving my PC maintenance, so hopefully I gave you all the necessary data before everything is wiped out from the OS reinstallation. Good hunting, MB team!
  3. I forgot I had made another post, and the answer was located there. Apparently, rootkits in the current version is bugged.
  4. Yep. I just ran 2 full tests, one with rootkits enabled and one without. Can confirm rootkits is what's been shutting down my PC.
  5. With no warning whatsoever, my PC just instantly shuts down if I do a custom scan of my PC (rootkits ticked, all storage devices). Pretty sure it's the new version of MB going bonkers since I had done the same scan a month earlier and got no problems. As soon as new MB version came out and I try to do the same thing, this happens. Been using this program for 3 years and I never saw this happen once.
  6. Doing Threat Scans doesn't cause any trouble at all; it's done in 3 minutes tops. Doing a Custom Scan to analyze my entire SDD and HDD seems to have an issue. After 3-5 minutes, it shuts down my PC with no warning. It's the only program that's doing it, so I don't assume it to be a problem of overheating or even physical. I should add that I've had MB for almost a year doing constant full-PC scans, and only until I updated it yesterday to the new version, it started doing this.
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