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  1. Hi, I recently converted from ES to EP and is very frustrated with the whole experience and/or management interface. Maybe I am missing something. Can someone review following points and let me know if this is the "norm" or I am missing something. Thanks. 1) No ability to determine if clients have up-to-date definitions or policy. Under Endpoint Security console, you can quickly see all client and their latest definitions version, engine, policies etc. With the new cloud console, you only the client and "Last seen at". It is also not possible to customize columns. So to determine cli
  2. Hi, I just converter from ES to EP. I was able to download and run EICAR test virus. Why doesn't EP detect it? And if it doesn't, how can I be assured that the real time scanning engine works? Thanks.
  3. Thanks I have a similar script that runs from the server (using the sc command). However it is so annoying as I have to check and sometimes manually start the services.
  4. Hi, I have the latest malwarebytes anti-malware and anti-exploit running on about 40 clients (all windows 10). The problem is that everyday I have 5 to 6 clients and their malwarebytes services stopped for no reason. Sometimes it is the anti-exploit service, sometimes it is the MBAMservice and sometimes it is the MEEClientService. I would then have to manually start up the services or reboot the computer. Is this a common problem? By the way, I have checked the event logs and there is nothing. Also no other AV running. Only Windows defender and malwarebytes. Thanks.
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