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  1. So far I have no more blocking due to trojan notification after using both chrome and Firefox with syncing off, however i did get an outbound block due to phishing.

    I know my logs looked clean, but I would like to ask about this attached image. When I use Microsoft Security Essentials and it scans windows installer files, most have that chinese letter in the name, is that normal?



  2. Thank you for the assistance

    my system froze during the scan and i had to do a hard reset. after this i booted up Windows reconfigured some registry files and it said it is updating files. as if i had done a a Windows update. I got my system up and running, looks normal, still got an outbound connection website blocked notification from malwarebytes. Should I still reset the chrome Sync as instructed above?

  3. I have been getting website blocked due to trojan. I had several threats removed via malwarebytes and adwcleaner, however, the website blocked due to trojan notifications continue and always for a site called the-extension.com. this is after running more threat scans and coming up clean

    I tried to download adwcleaner from your site and chrome blocked the download, after allowing it to download, and doing a a custom threat scan, i had 6 PUP. since then i have ran another threat scan which comes up clean, but the above issue of website blocked due to trojan persists.

    I will attach the reports and my most recent scan log






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