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  1. Thank you for getting back to me about the installer files. The rest of the problems look to be resolved, I am no longer receiving any block due to trojan notifications. So far, so good.
  2. So far I have no more blocking due to trojan notification after using both chrome and Firefox with syncing off, however i did get an outbound block due to phishing. I know my logs looked clean, but I would like to ask about this attached image. When I use Microsoft Security Essentials and it scans windows installer files, most have that chinese letter in the name, is that normal?
  3. Hello, I do not use and devices synced to the computer. I have done some browsing with Firefox and have had no notifications, Chrome has not caused any in over 48 hours either. I will turn Sync off and see how it goes. I would like to add that around a week before this issue started I had removed Trojan.StolenData via adwcleanr. It looked to have been successfully removed.
  4. In addition to the requested log I posted above, I would like to mention something odd I noticed when i did a microsoft security essentials scan. When it was scanning windows installer files, many of the names had an odd chinese character in the names. I believe my windows installer files may be compromised
  5. Here is the FRST log. I haven't used any other browsers enough as of yet to determine if this occurs with them. I will do some browsing using firefox and see if it happens then. It seems to happen a few times times over a 24 hour period, and only when I have chrome up. FRST.txt
  6. Yes, I have also repeated the uninstall and reinstall a second time
  7. I hate to say this but I have just received the notification again. I will attach a log notification.txt
  8. after the re-install I so far haven't gotten the website blocked notification, so far so good. If it starts to re-occur I will let you know. Thanks again for the help
  9. I am still getting website blocked due to trojan, outbound connection, after completing the instruction above. the instructed scans come back clean. would you like a log of the event?
  10. Thank you for the assistance my system froze during the scan and i had to do a hard reset. after this i booted up Windows reconfigured some registry files and it said it is updating files. as if i had done a a Windows update. I got my system up and running, looks normal, still got an outbound connection website blocked notification from malwarebytes. Should I still reset the chrome Sync as instructed above?
  11. I have been getting website blocked due to trojan. I had several threats removed via malwarebytes and adwcleaner, however, the website blocked due to trojan notifications continue and always for a site called the-extension.com. this is after running more threat scans and coming up clean I tried to download adwcleaner from your site and chrome blocked the download, after allowing it to download, and doing a a custom threat scan, i had 6 PUP. since then i have ran another threat scan which comes up clean, but the above issue of website blocked due to trojan persists. I will attach the reports and my most recent scan log FRST.txt Addition.txt log.txt
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