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  1. @Ron Just a quick update; I forgot to mention I am running an Arch Linux w/KDE distro and will have to use the Linux equivalent software in some cases. Most secure wipe tools are Linux based at the core so this should suffice hopefully. I will be installing Win10 into the target device though, as this is the goal. The two top links provided for HDDerase.exe were moved/old and I was not able to find a mirror that was trustworthy. However, I read the documentation, and after some research decided to go with Parted Magic. Parted Magic, I believe HDDerase.exe was forked off
  2. Thanks, yeah this wipe will take about 16hours to complete approx... I will contact you upon completion for next steps and will keep the <wiped HDD> offline/disconnected from MOBO. Not that it matters since no warranty is effective or needed for this device, but will this also erase manufacturer embedded data such as "serial #, dev type etc.?" Just curious, as I will be reading all the link data provided as well to find out. Do you think using a live boot cd to initiate the wipe would add any benefit for security? I may be able to compile the wipe tools provided into a bootable
  3. @Ron I am PST timezone and thanks again for your help. I will start wiping the drives exactly as specified, this will take most of the day on a 1TB spinner. On the erase/wipe options should I select <rewrite zeros> to overwrite which takes hours? I will be getting the system ready for wipe, anything additional that you need me to do with the router? Should I stay off of that network? Not to fond of using well known ISP default router settings to go online.
  4. I read the links provided and want to ensure that we start as clean as possible. Please advise if I am missing any vital steps. It seems the best option for this particular router (ISP provided telephony/gateway) is to Factory Reset, clear NVRAM is with the onboard GUI, But since we need to cover all possibilities I also used the 30/30/30 method, then cold start after 8 hours no power, the other methods do not apply. I have 2 of the exact same routers just in case we brick one, and other AP's to use if needed.
  5. @Ron, factory default settings have been restored on the router using the on board GUI.
  6. Hi Mr. Lewis, I have decided to revisit this unresolved matter in light of current events. Would you mind if I provide the requested logs, videos and research for your viewing? I seem to know the gist of all of the UEFI/BIOS vulnerabilities, but I do not have a full grasp of how to detect, isolate, re-flash firmware, in a methodological way. I will gather a lab device to use, and video log it to YouTube. I will provide any logs requested within 24 hours. Would you like me to start with a "Clean install of Windows" and take it from there? Thank You for any help you can provide
  7. @Brewster28 Haha, same here!!! Forced to learn Linux past few months. I have to say that necessity will force you to learn. At 1st I thought the whole logic was retarded with the weird terminal commands but now it makes sense. It sucks because no forum (superuser, github.com, this one and others) wants to even touch it. The mods at StackExchange kept trying to rebuttal my ascertations, and I had to enforce my position. They might know Coding and the back/frontend, but have never done an install. Basically they said if it's true, then we're dealing with something beyond the scop
  8. Thank you for responding @Brewster28 . I have not given up. I created another post in an attempt to clarify. I started over, and over. It's been 3 months now and I can not afford to buy new devices,so I have to figure it out. I'm still stumbling with python and deploying chipsec. I've made some progress during research provided by Black Hat Hackers at Defcon conference . I was amazed that their presentation was exactly what I theorized. Even the mighty genius hacker's had a hard time getting anyone to believe this attack even exist, or they think it's very rare. It was sold to the
  9. Several devices on network have been infected (Windows 10, Windows 7 pro editions)Initially I discovered several Windows folders that stuck out from normal (install dates, certificates and drivers are fake or modified). Registry has a lot of modifications, and User accounts have been modified with "Trusted Installer" and other Admin, and System user accounts with full control permissions for unknown file folders, dll's etc during troubleshooting. When attempting to delete or modify, I run into "denied access" or similar errors. I suspect Windows Management Console, SMM or something of that so
  10. First off- using a vm machine, host OS is ubuntu linux- the logs attached are from Virtual Box of a Window 10 machine. I have to use a linux machine because; - can not reinstall any Windows without the infection hijacking the install, I've tried installing WinXP, 8.1, 7, 7 pro, WinUltimate, -during reinstall, at the cd/rom loads, then at a point the install instructions are taken over, and a similiar gui appears to complete install. -infects any device attached physical of network, usb will be formatted automatically (fake warning posted gui) -registry is infected
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