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  1. One of the clients was able to install after removing Avast anti virus software and the other laptop was lost by an employee so the issue is solved now. Thanks for you reply.
  2. [034C:09AC][2017-11-08T12:14:18]i001: Burn v3.10.3.3007, Windows v6.1 (Build 7601: Service Pack 1), path: C:\Users\SuppRep2\AppData\Local\Temp\{DADE0A3E-1C7E-4370-8AAE-FC85B9EEB952}\.cr\Setup.MBEndpointAgent.Full.exe [034C:09AC][2017-11-08T12:14:18]i000: Initializing string variable 'NEBULA_URL' to value 'https://cloud.malwarebytes.com' [034C:09AC][2017-11-08T12:14:18]i000: Initializing string variable 'NEBULA_ACCOUNTTOKEN' to value '51aaa102-b952-4c31-80c3-b99c21eba3a5' [034C:09AC][2017-11-08T12:14:18]i009: Command Line: '-burn.clean.room=C:\Users\SuppRep2\Downloads\Setup.MBEndpointAgen
  3. We have a Windows 8 and 10 PC fail with the following error message when the Endpoint Agent attempts to install: "Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent and .NET system prerequisites installer Setup Failed" I haven't been able to find the root cause of this error message. Has anyone been able to get around this installation error? Thanks, Joe
  4. My manager received and email from an inside sales engineer informing him that they had fixed the installation error. We were able to install the new client on our two macs, for now. Note: the new installation package is about half the size of the original despite both versions being labeled as version 1.0. I still haven't received a response on my support ticket.
  5. Our company began piloting the Cloud Based product last Thursday and the Windows EndPoint Agents install and register with the cloud management console but the Mac agent fails to install. I attempted on another Mac and we receive the same error. I removed the latest installed version of Malwarebytes and attempted installing the EndPoint agent to no avail. I opened a support ticket last Thursday but since I haven't heard back I thought I would try this forum. Our Macs are running Version 10.12.6 with the latest patches. I've attached a screen capture of the error we receive.
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