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  1. treed, I disabled all of the extensions that I have installed in Firefox (my default browser), Safari, and Chrome. MapsFrontier was not listed in any of my browsers extension lists. I will try enabling the Extensions one at a time in each browser and see if the redirection and pop-ups appear again. If they do, I will forward you a copy of the extension.
  2. Does anyone know how to remove Maps Frontier from a Mac? Malwarebytes 3.0x does not detect this malware virus on my Mac (OS 10.12.6), yet I am constantly being redirected to other pages and hassled by annoying pop-ups from Maps Frontier Thanks in advance.
  3. Is Malwarebytes 3.03 for the Mac free? The download installer indicated that the free version is a trial version. Must one purchase the package before getting a "key" for the product. Thanks in advance.
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