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  1. OMG... I have briefly studied this and I hope that I am capable of prising apart all the instructions and achieving some sort of outcome. I am not that savvy and already can see that there is stuff that I won't touch without a tech savvy person at hand. Your analysis of the RAM problem is where I will start. I don't know if it is detectable what style of PC this is but it is not exactly a laptop and it definitely is not a PC. It is one of those units where all the HD is packed in behind the screen/monitor. So I don't know if a memory upgrade is possible or even worth it. UNWANTED
  2. I just want to say that there was trouble with this link --> https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/576314/blue-screen-of-death-bsod-posting-instructions-windows-10-81-8-7-vista/ The following message came up whenever I clicked on the link. --> "Error establishing a database connection" I therefore used the second option to get Report Set #1 My question is, seeing that I used the second option (https://github.com/blueelvis/BSOD-Inspector/releases/download/1.0.5/BSODInspector-1.0.5.exe) do I need to follow any of the instructions on https://www.bleepingcomput
  3. Oops, OK... thanks for that; it wasn't obvious to me that it was a drop down arrow The computer has just crashed and am going through the instructions.......... I was able to run the Report Set #1 BSOD facility and successfully attached the file. I was unsuccessful with Report Set #2 and have attached an image of the error message generated by EventViewer. Thanks. VIOADESKTOP_5_10_2017_6_23_14_PM.zip
  4. Thank you for all those instructions. What is the name of the the free utility for monitoring my temps is as it is not mentioned by name in the post.
  5. My case has been reviewed on another forum and when there were no identifiable problems found I was then referred to visit this forum. Therefore.....Hello, please refer to the link/image above to read all the information and logs posted with regards to my computer problem which is still crashing (twice today) I would appreciate the logs being reviewed. Thank you
  6. so, I gather that there is nothing more to be done here. I have had a quick look at the topics in the forum link, so will start a new thread there. Thank you...
  7. Attached are all the logs of the scans as requested. MWB found 0 threats this time. Again my computer has crashed -- twice in the last two days Hear from you soon and thanks. AdwCleaner28sept2017[S2].txt AdwCleaner28sept2017[S1].txt AdwCleaner28setp2017[S3].txt malwarebytes scan 28Sept2017.txt Farbar-28sept2017FRST.txt Farbar-28sept2017Addition.txt
  8. Thank for the quick reply. MWB Version Information MWB v- Component package v-1.0.188 Update package v-1.0.2896. I have looked through all the tabs but do not see an update button, so will await your instruction to proceed with scan. Two things I forgot to mention in the original post 1. As soon as MWB was installed IoBit disappeared from my computer and it is no longer in the list of programmes. A quick search revealed this information http://www.iobit.com/incompatible-notice/asc/steps-to-use-asc.php but I have taken no further steps no
  9. Hi, I am looking for help, please. Within the past 2 weeks my computer has had four unexpected shut-downs. I am unsure if they were crashes as no loss of data has occurred and the computer has restarted without problems. In addition there is much lags/delays from hanging as in a "not responding" state to mouse/keyboard actions which take so much time to perform any task that web search etc becomes unbearably slow especially when using Firefox and Word or Excel. I noticed that the version of FF on my 64-bit computer was 32-bit so I installed the 64-bit version which changed nothin
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