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  1. Sometimes when I type something into my search bar, it will say: search with Yahoo and not google. MY default browser is google and always has been. In chrome settings, I have no malicious or suspicious extensions, but when I go to IObit uninstaller, it says I have an extension called hTab. "A great way to search the web, with Yahoo provided search on your new tab. If I force an uninstall through IOBit uninstaller, it successfully uninstalls, but the second I open up chrome it says that hTab has been installed through a program on my computer and I can either add it to chrome or remove it. If I remove it, it still shows up in IObit uninstaller and I can repeat the process. I believe I got this virus from an annoying malware that appeared on my computer a couple of times saying that there was an update for windows and that I needed to install a browser search extension. Could not exit out of this popup and if I went to any other computer program it would just keep popping up. Yes before you ask, I HAVE tried running Malwarebytes and it finds nothing. I have the link for the extension and all of the reviews (including mine) claim it to be malware. Please help me remove this annoying extension from chrome. I also don't know if IObit Uninstaller is a trusted program, it has worked perfectly for everything I have needed it to do, and if it weren't for it, I would not have known this extension existed
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