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  1. Thank you for the offer. I don't feel comfortable with sending the whole thing without knowing the content. Is there any spesific part that could be of help which I could read through before sending?
  2. OS: Windows 10 If I try to start Anti-Exploit from the exe-file in the program folder nothing happens, I don't get any error messages either. I tried to install on another computer I have and everything worked without problems. This rules out any problems with Windows defender and Cryptoprevent. I have created logs with Malwarebytes support tool, but I'm a bit concerned about privacy so I won't upload it all at this moment. Is there anything I can look for specific in the logs or can you provide me with any possible solution?
  3. I would rather not post the log, hope that is ok. Generic.Malware/Suspicious, C:\USERS\X\DOWNLOADS\BURNAWARE_FREE_12.4.EXE burnaware_free_12.4.rar
  4. I solved the problem. My CPU doesn't support SSE2.
  5. Hi Get the following error message when running the installer after choosing language. Runtime error (at 394:120) Invalid floating point operation I tried to run the Malwarebytes support tool but it also gives an error message. Error message from Windows 'wrong signature'. The Windows install is brand new. I have downloaded the legacy version, https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3_legacy
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