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  1. I'm confused, can you please explain this a bit more and why exactly does the IP address needs to be checked?
  2. Hi there, Just noticed some behavior from Malwarebytes that I think should be reviewed and would like some explanation for this... Every website added to the exclusion list has constant DNS requests to the excluded site. Why? I don't understand why this is needed and would like to get some clarification. The way I see it, Malwarebytes is doing URL filtering to protect us from bad/phishing websites. For excluded sites, you just need to compare the URL being accessed with the URL in the exclusion list, a simple string comparison. I can't think of a single reason why you are constantly making a DNS request to every single excluded website in my exclusions list. I don't want to give up the "Web Protection" from Malwarebytes, but this behavior is not acceptable for me. Looking forward to hear back from the Malwarebytes team.
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