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  1. Hello. I am experiencing weird problems with my laptop same as with my malwarebytes program itself. That is the post which I have made yesterday (it's OK, I am patiently waiting for help, so just take your time) OK, so basically for about last 12h in the past, a message pops up from malwarebytes, that I need to activate my subscription. I took some time to think and I figured out that I could cause this in the following way: 1. I had this program installed on this laptop a good while ago. 2. Yesterday I decided to install it on my android -and so I did. 3. I started receiving these pop ups about licence on this laptop (But I cant remember if it was synchronised - I mean just when I installed it on android I am preety sure I was not receiving these popups on my laptop yet. Hoverer, I am pretty sure the popups started once I shut down mb free, and downloaded and installed it again? I am not sure. The point is I had it on my laptop for a while, so the version changed to mb free and it was running preety fine basically until yesterday. When I got it on my android, and I was offered premium - installed it, run once, and then I was still not solving problem that I had - but that's not the case now. Android had 2 mails. 1-hotmail when the device was bought, 2-day-day gmail acc sync ON Gmail is the same as the one on my laptop. So, I don't know what to think about this (It never asked me about email when installin it on android my gf says) but would that be a solution to my problem why popup comes on at random times on my laptop? Because I used it twice through same gmail? I don't even know which email it used when installing on android, because as I said it never asked me about it (according to my gf). Anyways as I said I tried to restore fabrics on android, but I was not happy at the end anyway, but the mb has been uinstalled from my android anyway. I am not signed to any email on this laptop at the moment, but why my button on mb3 (or mb free or mb3 free - whats the difference) program does not work anyway? Is signing eg to gmail gonna fix my issue? Thanks
  2. Hello. I am experiencing really weird things - see if someone could help me find what they are Addition.txt FRST.txt mb3report.txt mb3summary.txt
  3. Ok boss. As requested; a full scan by KVRT.exe was run. It said everything is fine, although when I opened results - this appeared *see attachment1 (kaspersky1.png) I also attach the logs below. >OK. Tell me what to do now *see attached file 2 (kas77.png) If you don't need them lets just proceed then i guess.
  4. Good Morning Sir. I have done the scan that you requested me to do. I attach the log file below and I am about to run full Malwarebytes scan now. Thanks (ps. I tried drag and drop attach option but my cursor its on kinda STOP sign and I have to attach them through >Drag files here to attach.) <nvm mbar-log-2017-09-21 (18-27-20).txt system-log.txt
  5. I did have a quick look on the report, and I can see Windows Defender Enabled/Updated. However, I tried my best to turn off all protection at the time and tbh, I could not see any windows defender icon or process - and I still cannot. I am also pretty sure my Computer and Internet Properties (especially user accounts and settings/premissions) are messed up (part of it could be my fault, when I was desperately trying to avoid the issue, I may have changed some settings in the wrong way). I am also willing and able to provide screenshots/or settings(how they are being set/whats ON/OFF) if specified which ones you want Sir.
  6. Hello AdvancedSetup and also thank you for helping me. Okay, so I did run ComboFix as requested. Log file: ComboFix.txt
  7. *I did check - my Windows 7 is activated and it is genuine.
  8. Okay, so I thought it might be useful and helpful for you guys to help me, therefore I did FRST scan. ps. I have done it on my Win7 Compaq laptop which was bought 2nd hand so I am not even sure if the Windows itself is original or not. Anyway, I have attachAddition_20-09-2017 22.29.12.txted the logs below. ThanksFRST_20-09-2017 22.29.12.txt
  9. Hello. I am new to this forum so I will introduce myself quickly. My name is Waldek. I am 24yo and I live in UK. I have been playing same MMORPG - Tibia for about 12years. Okay, so basically I have got a problem with my laptop and few other devices at home - but lets forget them now and concentrate on my laptop only. The problem is that one day someone, somehow got my IP address. I was never being pinged or anything like that. So, one day after I pressed shutdown button my Win7 started doing some updates. After I turned it back ON it was continuing to install them (about 42.000 files/items). When my windows loaded I could see new icon on my desktop - Remote Desktop App (mstsc.exe located in system32). That is when I realized something is not okay. I unticked the ticked box under Remote settings, so it is not allowed anymore. This thing appeared on the other device connected through same WIFI router aswell. Basically I realized someone has done something to my PC and despite all protection I have had at this moment, it has been done because this setting was ON. So I will try to come to conclusion or I will try to explain what is my problem now (I mean I will try, because I dont know what the problem is, or I am just not that "computer literate". Basically I can provide with all the information or screenshots upon request). Okay, so things that draw my attention the most after this thing happened were: - I could not reinstall Win10 on the other device (HP laptop), when I tried this setting from boot menu>fully reinstalling windows(deleting all the files aswell), because the reinstall always stopped at 43% and a message in blue window appeared saying "Trusted Modules Installer requested (something)". I could allow it or reject it. I was told to reject it, so I did. Then system was going off and back on, but this time in more Windows installing interface - not BIOS. So when I finished installation in Windows/Cortana my windows was carrying out a bunch of processes (most of them under process tiworker.exe) it also updates and then system automatically restarts, without even asking me if I agree. - I have lots of Application Extensions for both my browsers Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. I cannot delete these files from my folders because I am not allowed to do so. - I realised I have a bunch of devices or/and drivers in my Device Manager that I never had before, same as Inbound and Outbound rules in Windows Firewall. Most of them, if not all relate to each other (I mean Driver from device manager relates to Inbound/Outbound rule in Firewall). I am really not sure if that is the way it should be, therefore I can provide a screenshot if requested, or I can export both Inbound and Outboung rules into a notepad and copy>paste them here for you guys. -My disc C changed its form into NTFS file system (in this laptop which is Win7, Compaq) Seriously there is so many things I could list here that I dont even know where do I start and where do I finish, therefore I think it would be easier if someone ask me a question and I will try to provide with answer or a screenshot. However, thing that draw my attention the most is when I open Resource Monitor in my task manager. For example today I boot my laptop in safemode, it loaded a bunch of drivers, and then it said safe mode only loads essential drivers. When I had my wifi button off and icon was off aswell, i could see a one thing under Network Processes in Resource monitor, that had IP adress, port and it was rending and reciving B (around 100/sec). So I leave it with you guys, and I only write it here because I did full (recomended) scan with malwarebytes througs Safe Mode with wifi (even router) off and it did not found anything. I guess my laptop is not mine anymore. If you thing I should run my scan one more time but with custom settings please let me know. Thank you! PS. I have had malwarebytes ON when that thing happened, it was PREMIUM TRIAL version. Today my trial expires and I am not sure if I want to pay for it or not. PS2. On one computer forum I was simply told, that I was DOOMED and I can burn my devices and router and buy new ones.
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