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  1. What's this? and btw new software to delete previous ones lol
  2. Ahh finaly Thanks a lot @kevinf80! I think I'm done removing it from the core now. ^^ SearchReg.txt
  3. Can I still remove all those, just for the sake of my soul. If so, how? Thank you very much
  4. During my initial search, I deleted it from various places and ran the fixlist.txt you provided to some other member. I'm just not sure if it got removed from all the places. Can you help me regarding this? (I also noticed that it chnged my Windows PID, so I just went to the change Product Key option, entered the original one I was using previously and the PID changed back to what it was before. I just kept removing it from where ever I saw it. Some 3 files from C:/Windows too - although that fixlist script had it included I had deleted it manually before)
  5. Thanks for the (very) quick response! Logs attached. Side question : Should I use Malwarebytes along with Emsisoft Anti-Malware? I'm loving this Forum already. Gotta learn a great deal. mb_threat.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. I ran an Application named "Activator", with the product name "Re-Loader By R@1n". I ran it for Windows as well as MS Office activation. (It's a very well recognized piracy software I guess) How do I completely undo the process? Please help (I have read various times, people are providing some logs, FRST.txt, Addition.txt and then someone is providing them another file to run via FRST to fix the problems)
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