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  1. Still here. My problem seems to have been solved. Part of the solution was posted here by someone else, but almost immediately deleted, but not before I was able to see it and act on it.
  2. Some time about a week or two ago, MalwareBytes started claiming, on each full threat scan, to detect and quarantine pup.optional.ask, in the file “C:\USERS\BOB\APPDATA\LOCAL\GOOGLE\CHROME\USER DATA\Default\Web Data”. I have MalwareBytes set to automatically do a full threat scan every night, while I am sleeping, and every morning, I get this same report. I clear the quarantine each day. I've also used your Junk Removal Tool, and your AdwCleaner tool as well. Each claims to find and remove pup.optional.ask, every time I run them. No matter what I do, with any of your software
  3. The site at CONSTITUTION.ORG is being blocked. Is this legitimate, or is it a false-positive. It's a site that I've used for a very long time, and it seems unlikely to be host malicious content.
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