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  1. I have the latest, and yesterday I was silly and started it up again. Today I pay the price. Outlook refuses to start, Malwarebytes refuses to leave. Taskmanager does not fing the file. Explorer isn't to be found. Other disks does not respond. At restart Windows, 10 minutes (I have SSD) Starting took 15 sec. When things does not work, there is no unnormal use of CPU. I cannot use Malwarebytes until this is fixed. My college also has problems after accessing internet his computer gets slow. Filedates: mbam.exe 27 Mars. Most exe and DDL is from this date. And yes, 3.4.5. 3.4.4 was not a p
  2. Yes, looked it up when writing. The problem apeard after 1 og 2 days without restarting. After leaving Malwarebytes no change after 3 days. I now started, and will see if it gets slow, then leave and see if restart not neaded.
  3. I had to leave Malwarebytes, I have premium with all protections on. The first I notice is sound delay when deleting email from Microsoft Outlook 2010. After some one day disks is slower. The third day, responce time is slow with every action. Prosessor use is low, PC just waits before doing it work. The third day I have to restart PC, and restart is very slow until it's of. Sound delay starts with Malwarebytes. I have W7-64 with 32Gb ram. Some months ago Malwarebytes was eating all memory, but this is passed now. Haveing a paid version I expect it to work properly.
  4. Malwarebytes is slowly eating all my memory. I have 32Gb, and was very surprised when I had only a tiny amount left. Task manager did show MBAMService.exe was using almost all. Now its using 8.8Gb. From time to time I have to leave Malwarebytes and start up again to get back memory. This tells me it do not free memory after use, and allocates new memory on next scan. closing Malwarebytes does slowly free up memory. This should be fixed.
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