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  1. I dont know if this is a false positive or not I have had the software installed for months and nothing came up until yesterday or day before I have uploaded the file to virus total and all engines reported it clean, even malwerebytes but for some reason when i run a system scan it gets flagged
  2. Hi i completely uninstalled avast, enabled malwerebytes and updated to the lasted beta version The issue still remained but it did SEEM to take longer to freeze my computer like ten minutes rather than a few minutes I also just noticed that the lagging / freezing seems to be more prominent whenever i click the malwerebtyes system tray icon and/or use the program
  3. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/145959-mylockbox-freezes-pc/ I recall multiple forums posts when i goggled before but they seem to have been taken down or i just cant find them
  4. I have done all that you have asked; please stop telling me to do more and more things when it is quite clear the issue with with your software I remember this issue happening to me YEARS ago, when i had a a different instillation of the same operating system, as in i have reformatted since then and the issue remains, this was a key reason why i didn't buy malwerebytes pro but since so much time had passed i thought that you guys would have found a fix for it I am not the only person with this issue because i have researched online and found other posts with the same problem
  5. - To confirm Avast and Malwerebytes were up to date i clicked on update definitions and update program, i also checked the version number on both programs and confirmed they match with the latest versions available from the respective websites - The issue still occurred with avast disabled - I should stress that i can really only provide the toolkit logs if there are no or at least minimal issues because when there are issues then my entire system is so unresponsive that i cannot take the logs, which is obviously exactly when i need to take them - Included are the logs and a screenshot i got after running the third test and trying to exit malwerebytes via the system tray / disable the protection modules (I have ran a full system scan and found on malicious rootkits) mbst-grab-results - 1st Test - Disabled Avast, rebooted, opened and re-enabled malwarebtyes real time protection modules - No issues.zip mbst-grab-results - 2nd Test - Without rebooting i unlocked mylockbox folder, and aceccessed the files and ran the test again with - No Issues.zip mbst-grab-results - 3rd Test - Restarted computer, Avast still off, computer was entirely unresponsive. Rebotted again and was still unresponsive for few minutes then i was able to navigate and run the tookit.zip
  6. I have not gotten a reply for over two weeks Please can you sort out this issue or provide me with a refund
  7. The first log files were when i booting into safe mode, with netowrking The second set of files were from when i loaded up normally, with all the protection modules enabled but with a delayed start of 120 seconds, but interestingly it only worked after the 120 seconds, before that windows was slow/glitchy/not responding which are the symptoms of the issue The picture is a screen shot that started appearing while doing this troubleshooting Not Safe Mode - mbst-grab-results.zip Sae Mode With Networking - mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. I need to be able to use malwarebytes Pro version , which i have already paid for and My LockBox but the programs do not work well together This issue is NOT new, i have seen forums posts regarding this dating back to 2014... and yet there is no fix from malwarebytes regarding this issue which is ridiculous Is there a fix that I am not aware of, otherwise i will request a refund of my malwarebytes Pro purchase because the fault lies with your program
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