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  1. It wasn't a big deal I just backed up everything to my 1tb external harddrive. Which was more then enough space since really only my school work from college only hade to be backed up. But I saved all of it and I'm so happy that my Surface Pro 4 is working and malewarebytes is also working perfectly. Thank you guys so much for your help guys, Avery
  2. Hi guys, I've just bought and downloaded Malewarebytes 3.2.2 and when I went to activate my code. I got this error message. "unable to contact license server. check your network connection or contact your system administrator for help". my internet connection is perfectly fine. Also after i press ok I get another error message saying, "(MBAM404101) Installation token not found. there is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license. please check your license details and try entering your key again". If you can help me I would really appreciate it. Thank You, Avery
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