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  1. I have always only used one email address is it possible for you to private message me which other email address you see besides the veradon email? I am wondering if somehow someone has taken over my licenses. I have always logged in with the one email address and then I can manage licenses under the two names that are listed in the management account.
  2. It seems that rather than fix the issue with access, support has merely deleted all of my licenses so now instead the message regarding me not being the administrator of my licenses the message is that I have no licenses and when I purchase one it will appear on my account. Seems we have moved in the opposite direction of resolution.
  3. Yea I have all digital bridge receipts backing think to 2010 and they are also all associated with my login account I just do not have administrative access to them. Also the ticket number I was given by support is * Malwarebytes Support Ticket 2658433
  4. I appreciate any help I can get to get this cleared up. Thank you very much
  5. I own several life time licenses for Malwarebytes. I replaced the hard drive on one of my PCs and reinstalled Malwarebytes. I received a message saying I needed to deactivate one of the devices using that license, so I logged in to manage my licenses. I am not able to access any of my licenses and it shows a message that says I am no longer the administrator for my licenses and to contact my administrator. I have contacted support and recieved replies from 3 different support people. I have supplied all requested information including the license keys for all of my licences and almost 3 months later support has not given me any assistance or even an explanation of why I am no longer the administrator of my licenses. Has anyone else experienced this issue with licenses and how were you able to get it resolved?
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