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  1. I manage a financial services company. Out of curiosity, I forwarded a phishing quiz I came across this blog https://www.resolutets.com/cybersecurity-has-your-business-adopted-it-security-solutions-to-safeguard-data/ to all the employees. To my surprise, most of them failed the quiz. I realized how much vulnerable my firm is against IT threats. We protect our servers with your anti malware software for business. Now, I think I need to tighten the server security measures. I would appreciate suggestions from Malwarebytes.
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    Thanks, Porthos, Will post my queries in the assigned sub forum.
  3. I listen to inspirational music from youtube while at work. It soothes mind and body, refreshing myself.
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    Hi, I am from Manitoba, Canada. I'm glad to join here. I run an finance firm. Hopefully, this forum will help me with answers related to IT questions. Thanks!
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