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  1. Hey peeps, I was going to start a thread on a very similar thing until I saw this. Basically, it seems the browser guard extension makes (my) facebook very slow and unresponsive. I disabled all other extensions (am using Edge Chromium) other than browser guard to identify this. Using the browser task manager within Edge I can see that my facebook tab, whether it being the only open tab or not, uses an inordinate amount of memory and CPU thus causing this slow-down.
  2. Many thanks @dcollins, that has worked for me. You may as well close this thread now.
  3. Yes tried that. Tried the chat thingy but nobody available to talk with. Was locked out of my account so couldn't log in to "Find my premium license key". However, after lots faffing about with passwords and email addresses I realised I was trying to log in to my account with the wrong email. Doh. Problem solved. However one problem does still persist. One that happens every time there is an update for this program - namely that you seem to lose the option of scanning from the context menu. I've moaned about this before but it is still present. The only way I know of correcting this
  4. Hi all, I have a premium account and just installed the update to Malwarebytes but it hasn't (and I haven't) saved my licence details so now I'm stuck with the free version. Following instructions here I find I am now locked out of my account :/. How can I retrieve my licence key??
  5. @Firefox Ok that worked for me too but my question is why do I have to go through this process every time there's an update to the program? This isn't the first time this has happened. mb-clean-results.txt
  6. Hello @vbarytskyy Here's the logs requested... Thanks. mb-check-results.zip reg_key.txt
  7. Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't work for me. After reboot there is still no Malwarebytes presence in the context menu.
  8. That off/on fix doesn't work for me. I get this issue whenever there's a version update to Malwarebytes. Any other suggestions on a fix?
  9. Well that's all very strange then. I used the clean tool yesterday before creating this post in the hope it may fix the problem. It didn't.......however, having used it again now it seems to have fixed the issue at hand. Many thanks peeps, I envisage a few uses of the context menu approaching!! You can close this post now. PC
  10. Hello again. I've done as you suggested Porthos but sadly without success.....so I moved on to the other suggestion by Firefox. Please see attached file/s. Cheers, PC. mb-check-results.zip
  11. Hi folks, A slight problem, as the title suggests, I'm unable to see anything MBAM related when I right click on a file. I've followed the instructions here but that hasn't worked. I've the latest premium version running. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, PC
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