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  1. Not at this moment on this topic. Will pace the other forum to see when a fix is out. Thank you for your quick replies and assistance. Really appreciated!!! Aura & David!!!
  2. Oh okay gotcha.. Loading a file now give me a sec and ill report back
  3. Uploaded the note and the screen shot is what came back do you want me to load a file and see what it says?
  4. Not in Poland.. Campaign died quickly means?
  5. Okay sorry got confused sorry for the repost.. saw it gone and had no clue what happened.
  6. Its a windows 10 computer and since it's infected i did it from my phone to not infect anything else. What else would you want to know about the machine to help assist in removing if possible
  7. Can anyone assist with decryption of the files and removing from device?
  8. I'm following this thread as i had someone reach out to me about this same ransomware. I am having them load the note/file to the site you listed above and waiting for the results they send back.
  9. Doesn't show up now in the toolset list.. Here is the Fixlog.. I think everything seems good now? Fixlog.txt
  10. Still shows TrendMicro ? .. attached logs Don't have Rootkit check in the toolkit but right now doesn't find anything and adw clean.. everything look good in frst? Anyway to remove this trendmicro? Addition.txt AdwCleaner[S04].txt FRST.txt MalwareScan_20181002.txt
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