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  1. The two malware has been removed, the computer still seems slower than before. I am not sure if it's from malware situation or if something that is taking up usage in the background.
  2. Yes I ran the fix. I forgot to attach the fixlog for you. Fixlog.txt
  3. Now that I'm relooking at this, these are the wrong dates, forget about the windows defender situation. It's odd I get these notifications now?
  4. I did what you told me and my computer seems to be "stutter" or freezing a few seconds. Malwarebytes have not picked up any malware but windows defender has. MalwareLog3.txt
  5. This attachment is for TwinHeadedEagle FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. I went to go delete it in safe mode and it would disappear and reappear right on my screen. Surprisingly, on the file, the date modified hasn't changed either. I ran another malware scan and posted the Log in attachments. MalwareLog2.txt
  7. Here it is! Thank you for the welcome and assistance. Fixlog.txt 13.05.2018_12.58.43.zip
  8. I've been recently infected by downloading a sketchy application. As soon as I felt something was off I stopped it and ran Malwarebytes which deleted most of the viruses. There is two backdoor malware I cannot delete. I've also noticed after this event my computer has been freezing a little every 10sec or so... I believe this might be the cause of it. I came onto the forums to see if there was a solution to deleting the two unwanted malware. Addition.txt FRST.txt MalwareLog.txt
  9. Thank you for guiding me through the process. I deleted chrome off and deleted its folders in AppData. Instead of reinstalling chrome, I think I'll be switching to Firefox. I have downloaded uBlock extension with Firefox. So far I do not see any problems.
  10. I prob got confused with igfx.... since they were so many. I am still getting redirects, will post a screenshot down below.
  11. Here are some more logs. I do have a concern. I was led to believe that COM Surrogate and Igfxtc were malware since I have never seen them before. I'm on the fence about them being on my task manager now, and I do not know if it is still a malware application. AdwCleaner[C0].txt AdwCleaner[S0].txt MalwarebytesLog.txt mb-clean-results.txt mrt.log
  12. Ran the fixlist.txt with FRST64 on my flash drive. I did not open the fixlist.txt file. Proceeded to open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, but i get an error saying "unable to connect to server". Attached Fixlog.txt file from running fixlist.txt on my flashdrive. Fixlog.txt
  13. Here you are. I redid the process and ensured that all the boxes were checked off under "whitelist" and only Additional.txt under "Optional scan". Note: when I made the new Additional.txt file it was after being in Recover Environment and it was run from a flash drive. Fixlog.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. Hello, I was able to reformat my USB and redownloaded the fixlist and was able to run FRST64 without any error. I have attached the fixlog for you under attachments. Upon looking at my windows task manager, some (25%) of the malware application was deleted leaving some malware still on my computer. The Malware still prevents me from using Malwarebytes. Note: Forgot to unplug USB upon reboot, may need to reformat again if USB is infected. Fixlog.txt
  15. Hello, I am replying to let you know I have not abandoned this forum. I won't be able to have access to another computer until Tues. I will be using a different USB as well.
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