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  1. One way to fix this in Windows 10 is to launch a second desktop (Ctrl+WinKey+D) and move the Malwarebytes tray application to the other desktop. Then it won't show up in alt+tab anymore.
  2. Thanks for replying so quickly. As long as it'll eventually go away then I'm glad. I only saw one other thread on this is why I thought it was necessary to voice a complaint.
  3. I have Malwarebytes version, Component package version 1.0.188, Update package version 1.0.2756. After a recent update there is a really annoying "Malwarebytes Tray Application" window that shows up when I press alt+tab. (See the screenshot.) According to @Porthos in this thread, this change is "on purpose". Please change it back. I don't care if performance drops some. This is really annoying. Please don't make changes that inconvenience the user. Malwarebytes is something that should run in the background. Please fix it to reflect that, or at least acknowledge
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