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  1. Edited: My dumb *** didn't look at the year on the date stamp on this post! So sorry!
  2. @djacobson Do we have an ETA for an upcoming release?
  3. @djacobson Thanks for your help so far. I realize that some of the settings aren't optimized for this environment just yet, but deploying the endpoint on a standard installation with a local account or microsoft account seems to work perfectly. I will submit a ticket and try to post results back as soon as I hear something.
  4. @djacobson I am using the default policy configuration in the portal, and I have rebooted the machine. This machine I'm currently testing with also has a brand new fresh install of Windows 10 Business. I tried what I posted earlier before on Pro, but had the same result, leading me to believe the issue is only with Azure AD connected PCs. Currently, there is no delayed startup in the policy. Self protection, and early start are both enabled.
  5. @djacobson I did give it a shot, but doesn't seem to do anything at all on my end on 2 machines I have here to test with. Any further advice? EDIT: I do want to point out I did do this in an elevated command prompt.
  6. Has there been any progress on this? I see that the issue is still persisting.
  7. @vbarytskyy I did not see that you said it was a bug, I must have looked over that. Thank you.
  8. Exact same issue, but the solution you provided didn't work.
  9. I just want to add that I found Endpoint Agent Tray.exe in the folder. I double clicked that and ran as normal, not as admin. When I did that the icon appeared as it does on the other machines. I rebooted the machine and the icon is gone again. I'm still trying to figure out some extra details about the other ones that are different from these.
  10. Hello! First off I would like to reference this article. This seems to be a near identical problem I have. I am using the Malwarebytes cloud to deploy endpoints. I currently have 5 total endpoints to deploy. On 2 of the computers (Group A), the tray icon is there and you can start a system scan that way. On the other 3 (Group B), it is missing. I have tried to run the malwarebytes cleanup utility and it seemed to have worked great. I reinstalled the product on the same 3 machines and nothing changes, even after multiple restarts. I'm not sure if the endpoint protection is different or not, but there is no mbamtray exe anywhere in the directory that was talked about in the other article. All malwarebytes services are running on all computers, both group A and group B. The only difference is the system tray icon to initiate scans. The big difference in group A and group B: Group A is running Windows 10 Professional with 1 running a local login, and the other a Microsoft account. Group B is running Windows 10 Enterprise with all users being Azure AD users. There are no "local" accounts on the machines. My first thought was that it has to be something with Azure AD. I've spent about 6 hours today trying to figure that one out and there are absolutely no restrictions whatsoever on any machine. All users on Group B are admins on the machine. I also contacted Azure support and there is nothing preventing that installation from taking place properly. I've had McAfee ePO products and Avast business products work fine in the past on all machines. Is there some sort of compatibility issues with Windows 10 Enterprise? If not, or there other services that need to be installed that are on the Pro version by default that is not on Enterprise? Thanks in advance, Buddy EDIT: Here's another article of my exact issue with no resolution Here's another issue that matches mine, but the solution didn't work BIG EDIT: I disconnected 2 of the Group B PC's from Azure all together, but it still has windows 10 enterprise installed. So basically, it's Windows 10 Enterprise with a local user account and it works fine. It only happens with the Azure AD Joined PC's, I don't think Enterprise has anything to do with it.
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