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  1. In theory there will be no traces, however this can really depend on the manufacturer - many phones alter their version of Android slightly, that's one of the challenges. Unfortunately I can't say what will be the case for you.
  2. Hi again, We don't automatically remove things from your android app, you would have been involved. So if you didn't do that, then the app will still be present and it's very likely (no guarantee though!) that our research/support team will be able to recognise it from the package. I wouldn't recommend any expert decrypts our databases, even if they could access them. Legal issues aside, the information inside is unlikely to make much sense to you.
  3. The scan history which shows on the scanner screen is in an encrypted database in the app, you won't be able to access that unless you can run the app on that device (nor will we be able to). If you happen to remember the detection name later (or ask your data retrieval specialists to make a list of all app packages/directories on the device), one of our researchers may be able to tell you what was installed (the type of malware, if there is a malware app).
  4. Hello Androidproblems, Assuming from your username that your old phone was an Android device - what you are asking is not possible. For privacy reasons we do not create logs in your file system and we do not send identifiable info to ourselves (so we cannot match any detections to you as a user). All I can recommend to you now is to setup a password on your new phone to restrict anybody else from accessing it.
  5. Hi Hero, TinyHelper, We are still not able to produce the problem ourselves. However the issue is a common one that many extensions have complained about on the chrome bug tracker (here). We've taken a look through many of these reports and made many suggested changes to our own extension to try and help. So no guarantee unfortunately, but we are hoping that our new version will fix your problem. You should receive the new version around the end of this week or next week. Let me know after that, if the problem continues or you have anything to add.
  6. Hi 1PW, Is this always getting blocked for you? I'm only seeing this when the extension is first installed, or when the browser is restarted and the databases update. If I visit again a couple of minutes later I can see the block is gone. The behaviour above was already discovered and should be addressed in the next version which will be available very soon
  7. Hi GeorgeR5, Our end to end tests were on our most recent extension version, which will be released later this month. We have tested with both low-end and mid-range devices running Chrome OS Version 76.0.3809.136 and 77.0.3865.105, after the next release if you have more problems you can let us know again
  8. Hey GuillX, Don't worry, the pop-up is misleadingly scary in this case! Whenever you accept any kind of permission on Android, Google gives you the worst-case scenario. The pop-up you are seeing is actually saying "it is possible this feature could allow malwarebytes to see sensitive information" - it's not saying that the app does it. In fact the Safe Browsing Service is not collecting any sensitive information at all. The scanner only looks for patterns which are URL's and then checks if they are dangerous to you. When it is finished, it forgets everything. The only thing that ever gets recorded is the malicious URL to show in the history if it blocks something - so that you can see it on the scanner page. So just to repeat - the Safe Browsing Service would not even recognise a credit card number, so it would completely ignore it and it collects nothing!
  9. This whitelist option is already available - Run a Scan - On the results screen, below each check box is a dropdown arrow - Click the arrow and select 'Ignore Always' The app will then be whitelisted (and you'll no longer see Real-Time-Protection prompts to ignore/remove it)
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