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  1. Yesterday, this incident happen :- 1. Windows 7 client could not logon to AD. Done all the network troubleshooting and still cannot logon into AD. Stopped the MWB services and suddenly all back to normal and the client able to join domain/login normally. 2. My MWB admin server could not be pinged. I have installed MWB admin and also client for the server. It looks like something running at the back (not sure what). After uninstall the client for the server, all back to normal. Is there anyone having the same issue like mine or it happen before to you? how to solve such issues an
  2. Quarantine is actually a 'container' where MWB place any suspicious/false positive files from being used until the administrator/user released it. The basic understanding is something like that.
  3. Sorry bro, mine was Endpoint Security. Anyway thanks for the answers.
  4. I was trying to find this info but nowhere to be found : 1. How long does MWB keep quarantine files before deletion? 2. Can we change the setting? and where to change it?
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