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  1. Yes, the same thing happens to me. With the internal installer, it detects an exploit and puts it in quarantine. I had to download the file vlc-3.0.3-win64.exe from the web http://www.videolan.org and install it manually. Windows 10 Pro x64 17134.81 Malwarebytes 3.5.1
  2. Malwarebytes crash after install the KB4074852 update of February 2018 for Windows XP Embedded. https://msfn.org/board/topic/171814-posready-2009-updates-ported-to-windows-xp-sp3-enu/?page=150
  3. In Windows 10 v16299.192: 1.- Create this folder: D:\2 Programas instalados\TEMP 2.- Change the 4 environment variables of the temporary files pointed exactly to: D:\2 Programas instalados\TEMP Without quotation marks. 3.- Restart and test context menu of Malwarebytes. When the path of the variable has %xxx% the possible spaces of the route are included in %xxx%, but when the route is put directly with spaces it could fail.
  4. Hi. I have solved my thread problem that was closed. I tell you so that you repair your program because it is your fault. I have several computers with malwarebytes and it works fine. In one of them, the contextual menu appears but does nothing. After months with the problem, I looked for the differences between the computers and it turns out that the environment variable of the temporary files that are usually in "c:\windows\temp" I changed it to "d:\installed programs\temp". I have changed it to "d:\temp" and the context menu now works. The fault of your program is that it can not make spaces in the path of the environment variable of temporary files. You have to repair the program because it will happen to many users. Greetings.
  5. Thank you very much for everything, but I see that the thing gets more and more complicated: - internet has been disabled - Windows Defender is activated and I had it disabled - modifies Windows activation ... The arrangement achieved, does not compensate for the mismatches and possible errors to come. I will leave it that way and when I want to scan something specifically I do from the custom scan. Thanks again for everything.
  6. It is still the same. The context menu is displayed on a file but giving it does nothing. Thanks. Fixlog.txt
  7. Context menu appears but does not work. I have reinstalled several times using the MBAM cleanup utility. mb-check-results.zip
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