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  1. Hi, I have also had a problem with farflt.sys. On Monday, Malwarebytes notified me of a software update and I accepted the installation. On Tuesday morning when I restarted the computer for the first time after this installation, Windows froze and became unresponsive several seconds after logging in. I had to shut down Windows using the power button. A second attempt to start Windows produced the same result. I then powered off via the power button and restarted Windows in Safe Mode. Since the installation of Malwarebytes the previous day was the only significant recent event, I suspected this to be the cause and so attempted to de-install Malwarebytes while in Safe Mode. The de-installation process froze and once again I had to exit via the power button. I then started again in Safe Mode and did a system restore back to a system state prior to the new installation of Malwarebytes. This succeeded in allowing me to start Windows correctly. On investigating the system logs this morning for yesterday's events, I can see that the initial freezing of the system on start up occurred immediately after farflt.sys was installed and loaded. The system log shows no other events after this point until the system was powered off and restarted. This isn't an issue for me any more since I have now removed Malwarebytes from my system and (regrettably) will not reinstall it since I can't affort to have such things happening on my system. But I'm letting you know in case it helps.
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