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  1. Ok, thanks for clearing that bit up. In response to the: When cleaning with MalwareBytes what is telling Google Chrome Sync to update the Web Data file across my devices. I only ask to reduce the back-and-forth of the suggested resolution. Thanks again!
  2. That's quite the "resolution," in effect I would need to sign out and disable Chrome Sync over my 17 devices, fully close down Google Chrome, Clean with MalwareBytes, pray that fixes the problem then go and set up all the devices for Sync Again. To clarify is this a false positive, something that can be ignored/excepted etc or is this some synced extension/tool/search setting that can simply be removed etc. Thanks again,
  3. There's just a bit too much personal and professional information in that database file to share. If you have an alternative method to whatever your looking for please let me know and i'll assist as much as i can
  4. Not sure why but Malwarebytes is closing Google Chrome to clean up a PUP in my Chrome/User Data folder. This is happening at every scan (which I have run multiple times a day) and takes my workflow and shoots it in the face. Not sure what this pup is from (Extension, Theme File, Etc) nor if I can/how to/should I make an exception for this. Thanks :3 mb-check-results.zip omgsthap.txt
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