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  1. Have begun roll out of EP and IR to our ~150 machines to varying degrees of success. Issue we are having is none of our Mac endpoints are reporting to the Cloud Console. All I see is the attached error. I currently have 5 Macs registered but the plan is to roll that out to our 20+ machines. All of the Macs are in their own group with their own policy that has IR turned on and EP turned off. On the client side I have tried turning the Firewall on and off on. I also understand from doing some research that the logs that might tell me what is wrong are located here /Library/Application Support/Malwarebytes/NebulaAgent/Logs Such a folder does not exist. On the client machine there is only "Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent" folder located within "Malwarebytes" folder. This folder does contain a Logs folder however.
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