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  1. I have downloaded the deployment tool and begun to roll out the client to the machines on our network. So far, it only appears to have taken on about half of the machines. They are reporting back and scans are being completed as per the policy and the legacy Anti- Malware and Anti-Exploit tools have been uninstalled. However on the other half, the machines are not talking back to the cloud console. On the client machines, I can see that the EP icon is there in the tray, and I can see that it has been installed via the deployment tool, but I have no record of it in the c
  2. Have begun roll out of EP and IR to our ~150 machines to varying degrees of success. Issue we are having is none of our Mac endpoints are reporting to the Cloud Console. All I see is the attached error. I currently have 5 Macs registered but the plan is to roll that out to our 20+ machines. All of the Macs are in their own group with their own policy that has IR turned on and EP turned off. On the client side I have tried turning the Firewall on and off on. I also understand from doing some research that the logs that might tell me what is wrong are located here /Libra
  3. See screenshots from 2 of our users. Nothing of note on Anti-Malware scans except for some PUPs and that Adobe reader exe that wasn't a problem as per the forum below. Scans show no threats. Should I be worried? EDIT: Should mention, both PCs are W7. Database v2017 10.05.03. Anti exploit v
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