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  1. UPDATE : Subject: Malwarebytes Support Ticket #2057758 Finally got a response from 'support' after more than one week. An automated response. No support at all. I submitted two tickets, staff on the forum acknowledged my tickets and still no response. I have a two year subscription that I can't use.
  2. @porthos Thanks for the reply. In the mean time, I will move on to another product as I cant wait weeks for a support.
  3. Original ticket #2057758 which was ignored. And latest support ticket is #2062288
  4. This is the error I get. When I upgraded from premium MB to the latest version the installer wiped my license and now my key won't work. And Support won't respond to my ticket.
  5. 1) I confirmed my key by requesting it via the MB automated invoice process. 2) My key validates with a green check. But won't activate the upgrade to premium. This is the first time I have had a problem with an upgrade since purchasing it.
  6. I have a paid 2 years subscription to MB Premium starting in Feb 2017. I got a MB prompt to upgrade to the latest version and I did it. Once the program completed its upgrade, it was no longer premium version. It was the free version. I tried several times entering my license key and verified it via the website and it would not upgrade to the premium version. Its prompting me to purchase a new key. I rebooted my computer (Windows 10) and it made no difference. I submitted a ticket on 30 August 2017 and received an automated reply that they received the support request. This is what I have now. I can not believe it takes this long to get a response from support any one else experiencing this issue. I am about to jump ship for another solution at this point. I submitted another ticket today to see if I get any response.
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