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  1. Just Hoping get my Computer clean from this Trojan Smart server so can use superantispyware and turn on Virus & Threat protection
  2. md5 is only one making the Error - This version of Malwarebytes Anti-rootkit requires you to completely exit the Malwarebytes Anit-Malware application to continue. that had got for 2 day trying use it
  3. bleepingcomputer site as well boxcloud shows version one using right now from this site version
  4. I have not have time set up right for still fixing the Trojan smart service that on my computer and still I have both exe setup and I have fake one from other site saying and get error out for it not right version for one got here is right one.
  5. For thought having problems with Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit check the version. I have come across fake Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit version on website. EXP (mbar- The only true version is from this web site. Hope this help you as well the support team with tickets and emails. Screen Shot from Real and Fake.
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