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  1. Hello ,

    I purchased a HP laptop 2 weeks ago. It came with Windows 10 Home & Student 2016. I have been facing these problems since the time I installed google chrome(from google.com)

    1. Random tabs keeps opening up after every while or so. I noticed mainly these: pipeschannels , one which redirects to ucbrowser, eatyellowmango which redirects to Flipkart.com and cpmofferconvert.
    2. Whenever I search in google chrome address bar, it automatically changes my default search engine to Yahoo.com. Every time I remove yahoo search engine from chrome settings but it gets back automatically.
    3. Same things I have been facing in Microsoft Edge also.

    What I have done so far

    1. I have uninstalled chrome and installed it again and also stoped syncing data from my google account. I have not signed in till now.
    2. I have checked my the extensions. At present I have only 1—Evernote web clipper.
    3. I have reset chrome’s settings.
    4. I have Scanned my system using Mcafee.
    5. I have scanned my system using Malwarebytes,Zemana, and one more such tool.

    Please guys help me. I have searched a lot on internet but nothing seems to be working.

    Thanks in advance.



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