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  1. oops sorry did not see the date it was listed in the index under its topic category. so i blindly replied no pun intended. wow must be senility setting in Lol
  2. I know Kaspersky Internet Security and Panda Internet Security i believe have the on screen keyboards for typing so keystrokes are don by hand or by clics of the mouse plus a good antilogger program called Zemana is excellent guards against keylogger cam loggers, clipboard loggers screen loggers will be a good precautionary measure. and Kaspersky works in harmony with Zemana, http://www.zemana.co...erOverview.aspx thats my setup along with MBAM as secondary scanner .
  3. I do not agree withe the entire article but some of it is true regarding a few of the applications being discussed but I also agree that crapware designation is going a tad overboard. Itunes is fabulous i use that everyday.
  4. well thats great stuff there and boy ain't it the truth Lol !!
  5. if its available too you in your area definitely go with Broadband.
  6. BornSlippy hey don't bother investing in that i have some nice lakeside acreage for you yes be the first to reside in South West Arcadia Mid Point Land. BornSlippy, these are going fast LOL!!!
  7. the end is near..... run for your lives....... supermarket has B.O.G.O on canned beans...time to stock up and pass out from the methane inside bomb shelter. hey if i cannot rent my rental property they can use it as a depository for nuke waste hahahaha but really more important stuff to worry about then this . this is uncontrollable and they will do it anyway so why worry about this.
  8. yeah they can ask for Morgan Freeman's autograph and take pictures with him and nukes lol
  9. YEAH, saw some of those, pretty good but i saw the cuban missile crisis live and this is nothing compared to that. kinda redundant information. people know about this but its on the back burner with all the daily life problems everyone has. i mean if it happens im prepared wrote my social on my arm. if its still there after blastwave and heat wave lol
  10. hey this is America we have the right to bear Arms, even 18 wheelers lol. like this has not happened ever. yeah right since the 1950's i bet this an ongoing thing. now we have media everywhere 24/ 7. this is not ever going to stop . all this does is increase the sale of bomb shelters and canned goods . wow what a news flash this is. NOT!!! here you go all you paranoid people http://www.bomb-shelter.net/
  11. sorry i need to see more testing done by an outside independant source. looks impressive though
  12. well i see you ran some testing thanks. It just seemed a bit to good to be true those number comparisons at that link but the topic is not the same topic related but not the same just bringing it to mbam's attention. thank you for your reply appreciate it
  13. hey the more zombie flesh eaters the better LOL!!! I watch this but not consistenly but it is excellent.
  14. i ran accross this and thought it may interest some members, and guest, the rest of the article can be found here, http://www.technewsworld.com/story/74436.html Random Public Crypto Keys Aren't So Random By Richard Adhikari TechNewsWorld A group of researchers has determined that the supposedly random cryptographic keys assigned to users to keep Internet traffic secure aren't so random after all. The team found that 4 percent of 6.6 million distinct X.509 certificates and PGP keys had duplicate RSA modules. The research could point to flaws in a widely used privacy safeguard, though actually exploiting the flaw could be very impractical.
  15. i listen too this group, NightWish ,http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hTdhXxxWREo
  16. for such a new product wow, forums.anvisoft.com/viewtopic-9-236-0.html
  17. http://www.geeks.com...cts.asp?cat=NBB look here as well if on tight budget they also have refurbished i bought a refurbished one from them and its working great cya laserjet
  18. goldhound and ShyWriter either way who cares user is either frightened off or is not very talkative.
  19. Hey yeah i did not catch that goldhound. that person probably sowed the seed to get attention to new product. hmmm, i bet you never see that user again.
  20. the symbol to right on the page My anvisoft has different colored hands surrounding a small circle in the center of that circle is a chinese symbol.http://www.anvisoft....bout/about.html
  21. good point goldhound, I also do not trust cnet. i also have been looking for legit reviews only found at softpedia but the user reviewers are probably biased. who knows i need to see someone like malwareresearchgroup give this a good once over.
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