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  1. Hitman Pro has detected something but it wasn't the virus, it keeps being blocked. The boot message is gone. Trying to scan with sophos now, I'm following the guides that were already posted in previous threads
  2. Does anyone know how to remove the "Hitman Pro x.x" etc from the boot screen? Tried to use Hitman Pro which found some threats and I'm not sure if it fixed the problem, but now I have this annoying long boot screen message.
  3. With the premium trial MalwareBytes has picked up something. Firefox tries to connect to tradeadexchange (which I've never seen opening, probably due to my adblocker) multiple times, and now MalwareBytes premium is blocking said connection. However, neither the adware cleaner nor malware bytes could detect the actual virus and it keeps being blocked. I just deleted my cookies and for now it is not being blocked anymore, but in case the issue is still here, what do I have to do? I'm also surprised as I rarely download stuff from the internet, and when I do is from trusted sources, so I have no idea how such virus could get in. I also have a good adblocker so there's no way I randomly clicked on a shady ad. EDIT Deleting the cookies hasn't worked, Firefox just tried to connect again. I'm adding the FRST scan results. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Updated. The premium trial activated itself and I discovered that firefox is trying to connect to a website called tradeadexchange.com. I am scanning now and already tried scanning with ADWCleaner, it did find something but it didn't fix the issue.
  5. The DLLs in questions are called "portcls.sys" and "USBAUDIO.sys". MalwareBytes is flagging them both as Rootkit, however VirusTotal says they are both clean, 0 infection detected from every antivirus (MalwareBytes included). MalwareBytes' Anti Rootkit is also not detecting anything. Report.zip
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