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  1. I can confirm the method I used with EtreCheck has fixed the issue. I haven't had any pop ups in 2 weeks just for reference.
  2. I have just reinstalled Malwarebytes to test again. The Version number is: Nothing was detected however that may be because of the method used in the previous post.
  3. I currently don't have malwarebytes installed as I am testing a variety of software but I can tell you that I ran the malwarebytes test one week ago on the latest version then and it didn't pick up anything. I've had the adware issue for around a month now.
  4. I'm having the same issue however I may have fixed it using EtreCheck. There are two main paths that are being used to produce the safari extension application. This path is: library/ApplicationSupport/Agent/Macsearch in this folder there is a lot of junk to delete and it seems to be producing the safari extension in a separate folder. The separate folder is located under users/shared and you will find a folder there with multiple safari extensions individually produced on a timed basis. I'm not sure if this has fully fixed it but I found malware bytes didn't pick up anythi
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