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  1. Thanks you VERY much for the article. It does a great job of describing the choices. I have considerably less concern over gaps in protection only because I use MWB to supplement my primary protection tool. And I'm not all that concerned about a few bucks, although that's horrible customer focus. I'll probably end up cancelling my current license and creating a new one with 2 computers. And, I'll add my voice to the customer feedback.
  2. Thanks. It makes no $ sense to create a new license for the new computer. I see where I can deactivate, although I'm not sure what that means, but I don't see where to stop auto-renew. My thinking is to terminate the old license and create a new one for multiple computers. Is that right?
  3. How do I add computers to my current home license? Have it licensed on one machine but don't see how to add computers to an existing license. Don't recall if renewal is set to auto.
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