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  1. Thanks for that, This is what i assumed but i just could not find any information of that sort of denial. Thanks for setting my mind at rest and for the excellent product.
  2. Hi All, I hope someone can help. I am new to malwarebytes on a corporate network and it has only been installed for about a week. I have just started receiving lots of emails about Malwarebytes blocking a website. 31/08/2017 09:33:56 MICKEY Type: incoming, Port: 25, Process: edgetransport.exe Blocked web site The machine is a SBS2011 server running exchange. The IP that has been blocked has a bad reputation for spam and i do not know if that is relevant. Should i be concerned? Is it blocking mails from a server i should actually be receiving and dealing with using an anti spam utility or is this an attempt to login somehow to our exchange backend? Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
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