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  1. What product is the equivalent product for servers ? I see several products in the business page
  2. Yes I am using Windows Server 212. I purchased the premium product because I thought that was for Servers. Are you saying the premium product cannot be installed in servers? How did this current version get installed then to begin with?
  3. I do not understand why I need to contact Sales Dept. I already purchased the license. My current version 3.0.6 is licensed. My license expires in Mar 2019. What will Sales do for me? I already bought the product. I just need an update so that I am protected with the latest version and also the message at the right bottom of the screen goes away
  4. That is a link for the consumer product. When I do that it lets me download an executable but then it shows me the message below. If I click Yes, it takes me to the web site. I cannot find a link to the update.
  5. Re: New update. I downloaded onto my server Where or how do you get the latest version of Malwarebytes Premium ? I have the same problem but I cannot get the latest version to run the update manually.
  6. I had tried that and after I download and I try to execute I get this message. I am trying to install in a Win 2012 server. When I click Yes, it takes me to the malwarebytes web site. I cannot find a download link there for the product I have.
  7. What do I have to do to get the latest version of Malwarebytes premium ? If I click on the Install Now button below, nothing happens and I know this should have been updated automatically.
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