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  1. Well this is weird, I tried to download the anti-rootkit before on the official page and it said "requested source is in use" but the website https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/h72aj6mp6rkshh7lk0u7msx810wz75jl works! Enough with the surprise, I am currently scanning and by the instructions, I need to press clean up button and that needs to start malwarebytes. Is this correct? Alex
  2. Hello, I have a problem with my computer in which there is a virus that is supported by a rootkit. This rootkit always says "requested source is in use" and this is the problem that prevents me from opening any kind of antivirus or even some other programs. The problems/virus's are: svcvmx, tprdpw64, mediatek_86, and the rootkit is ndistpr64.sys. Thank you in advance, Aleiv (A.K.A. Alex)
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