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  1. Excellent, thank you. Now does the client agent cleaner have nay dialogue or does it run and no prompt? Can't tell when it finishes.
  2. Log file form the installer that now immediately errors out. The cleaner all say nothing is installed.
  3. So is the link gong to be fixed? Because I have a station that will not install the endpoint protection now. when I run the installer manually, it still thinks its installed and tries to unistall
  4. So I'm guessing need to run both of these for Endpoint protection? Why is there no documentation for this and why do users have Search for this in the Forums? Should be listed under tools or a download section. Also the second Link is not working. Are there any other hidden\secret tools or commands users should be aware of?
  5. Also where do I find the latest-MB-Clean.exe. Not listed under Tools. I have no idea if Im using the latest version or not
  6. Integrated Deployment tool, Client error logs in the console. Client End point error logs in console.
  7. What are the command line arguments for the latest MB-Clean tool. 3.xx? Im trying to run the MB-clean to uninstall endpoint protection, but not removing the folders or program. I read somewhere I need to use the /cloud switch? Where is this information at? I searched the forums. I cannot find any information about this.
  8. Im seeing this in the log for one of my domain machines. "HTTP Request failed to /api/v1/machine/sync. Http Code: 502 Reason:Bad Gateway"
  9. Having the same issue. Tasks are just sitting at pending for 2 days now. Have created new group and policies. Are there any ports that needed to be allowed through firewall?
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